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What you can’t miss

South Africa is certainly the country in Africa with the widest diversity of places to visit, things to do and experiences to live. You’re spoiled with choices. Between beach, vineyards, cities, national parks and reserves, and fantastic landscapes, you can travel to South Africa dozens of times and you’ll never see it all, or do it all. This is the reason why South Africa is ideal especially when you travel in family. A large offer of lodging in all the price ranges will satisfy the greatest man.

We will give you just a small selection of the most frequented places. Our proposition will be, as always, 100% made to measure and adapted to your likes.

Kruger National Park
Blyde River Canyon
Vignes of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek
Hluhluwe National Park
Mapungubwe National Park
Marakele National Park
St Lucia / Isimangaliso
Wetland Park Elephant Coast
Kgadigadi Transfrontier Park


The list of possible activities in South Africa is unlimited. There are hardly any sports and extreme sports that you can’t do.
Below we offer some «classic» safari and golf activities, as a source of inspiration.
Don’t hesitate to consult us for your action, sport and adventure programs. Please note that we do not support activities such as “Lion-petting”, “Walking with Lions” or walks on the backs of Elephants.

Shark Diving
Deep Sea Fishing
Sunset cruises
Bungee Jumping
Cable Swing
Horse Riding Safaris
Hotair Ballooning
Morning Walk à Kruger
Wine Tasting / Chocolate and Wine tasting
Educational tour in the vineyards / porcupine Winetrail
Chimp Eden
Endangered Species
Center Hoedspruit

Population and Politics

South Africa is certainly the most diverse country in Africa. Its landscapes and national parks are exceptional. South Africans are warm people and you will always be welcomed with a smile.

Often, when we talk about South Africa, the question of safety is always brought up quickly. There isn’t an easy answer to this question but there are several points to respect in order to spend your vacations relaxed. From my point of view, spending vacations in South Africa is not more dangerous than visiting New York or Amsterdam. The feeling of safety is very subjective. Personally and after many trips by myself, in couple or in groups, I have never felt in danger. On the contrary, I don’t feel safe in the metro in Paris. Here are some advices for your safety :

  • When you take a cab in any big city, only take it in a known hotel. Hotels and guest-houses often work with their partners, whom they know and trust.
  • During a trip to Africa you don’t need jewelry. Leave your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches of value at home and rather choose « fantasy » jewelry if you need to use something. Don’t show off your wealth. Thefts are usually opportunity thefts.
  • Don’t carry too much cash around with you.
  • After arriving at the airport don’t let people without airport uniforms help you. If you are ever questioned by someone and you do not feel safe, contact a security guard.
  • Do not let an unmarked vehicle stop you on a road without traffic.
  • Don’t let visible valuable objects in your vehicle when you park.
  • If you use an ATM let your partner observe you.
The weather in South Africa is very nice. Thanks to its over 2500 hours of sunshine every year, each season is good to make a trip to South Africa. During the Southern winter (may – august) the temperatures in the morning and afternoon can be really cold (up to minus 5 degrees) and in the Capital region the oceanic weather can become very unpleasant. On the contrary during the months of December until February temperatures in the north-east can reach 50°.
In South Africa numerous African dialects and languages are spoken as well as the official language, English. Many people also speak Afrikaans.
Currency and Payment
South Africa’s currency is the South African Rand (ZAR). Right now we exchange about 16.5 ZAR for one Euro. For the tourists of the Euro Zone and American Dollar, South Africa is affordable right now following the low exchange rate with Rand. Generally, you can pay almost for everything with a credit card, (Visa or Master Card). A few less things with American Express or Diners Club.
You can find a good health infrastructure network in South Africa. The level of health in the big cities is very good. Many places in South Africa are not concerned by Malaria. On the other hand, in the Kruger National Park region the risk of Malaria is high enough. Please consult your doctor before traveling.
Road Network
The road network is well developed in South Africa. Even if certain routes need maintenance. The integrity of the country can be visited with a “standard” vehicle. The location of a 4×4 type vehicle is not necessary. For comfort traveling we advise you to rent at least an “SUV” vehicle or a 4×4 if you’re also visiting other countries during your trip.

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