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What you can’t miss

Botswana is certainly a paradise for lovers of nature and savage animals. With 42% of the surface of the country classified as National Park or Reserve you only have the problem of choosing. Botswana is also called the country of the elephants. There’s no other place where you’ll find elephants this big and also so many. With a policy of luxury and ecological tourism, travelling to Botswana requires a substantial budget

We give you only a small selection of the most frequented sites. Our proposal will be, as always, 100% tailor-made and adapted to your desires.

Okavango Delta
Moremi Game Reserve
Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Kgadigadi Transfrontier Park / Mabuasehube Section
Chobe Game Reserve
Makgadikgadi Pans
Nxai Pans


Safari, nature and animals are certainly the centers of interest at Botswana. Nevertheless we have unearthed some complementary activities. Don’t hesitate to consult us for your action, sport and adventure program. Please note that we don’t support any activities such as lion-petting, walking with lions or walks on the backs of elephants, or chasing activities.

Fly over the Delta of Okavango
Horseback safaris
Horseback riding
Moroko Safaris
Walking Safaris

Population and Politics

Botswana or the country of elephants. The surface of Botswana is 582 000 km2, 40% of this surface is classified as National Park or Protected Reserve. That makes Botswana the biggest protected country in the world considering the surface of the country. The government of Botswana has understood that eco-tourism is an important income for the country. Since, the protection of nature and fauna is a priority in Botswana.
With only 1.8 to 2 million people Botswana is one of the countries the less populated in the world. Since independence in 1990 Botswana is governed by a government elected democratically. Botswana is known for its political and economical stability.

The season of rain is October through March. During this period the temperatures are pretty hot, up to 45° with a lot of humidity. During the months of southern winter the medium temperatures are around 25°. The nights are cold to even minus 6 degrees.
The language of Botswana is the Setswana. The official language is English.
Currency and payment
The Botswana coin is called the PULA. The word pula means “rain” in Setswana. The Pula is independent from the Rand. At the current time we change about 12 Pulas for 1 euro. The payment network by credit card is good enough but a lot less performing than in South Africa. The lack of stability of the resource of internet sometimes creates disturbances. Find information in advance and keep enough money on you, especially to pay for gas.
Risk of Malaria. Please consult your doctor before departure.
Route network
Location of a 4×4 vehicle is necessary for a trip to Botswana. Routes in the national parks are not asphalted. A minimum of knowledge of “off-road” driving is necessary (watchtower, sand and stagnation). Outside the parks the rode network has been very much improved in the last 10 years.

Informations and booking

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